Thursday, November 12, 2015

Out of Steam - #NaBloPoMo 12

It's been a long week. 

I left the house at 6 am on Monday, flew to Jacksonville, flew back on Tuesday night, attended a work event on Wednesday night that got me home at 9:45 pm, and left for work again at 6:45 am this morning to make it in for an 8 am conference call. I've had sixteen meetings in four days. I have a minor cold too, and am kind of amazed I haven't lost my voice. So I'm pretty excited to work from home tomorrow. I've only got one conference call, but a few personal calls I'd like to make too: rescheduling an eye doctor appointment, making a dinner reservation, possibly investigating a hotel block for Hannah's bat mitzvah. But tonight I am out of steam and very tired of hearing myself talk. 

Thankfully, Max seems to be in a quiet (very rare!) mood too. It's nice being quiet together. 

Shhhh. I'll be the one over here struggling to keep my eyes open until the 7yo's bedtime. G'nite. 

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