Friday, November 6, 2015

Sick Day - #NaBloPoMo 5 and 6

Remember on my birthday a few weeks ago, I told myself that it's okay to take a sick day?

Well, I didn't think I'd need one this soon, but I did. I spent almost all of yesterday asleep, fighting off a cold that descended on me very quickly. And though I'm still achy and not-totally clearheaded today, I'm going back to the office as I need to wrap up just under a million things before my business trip on Monday. I really thought I'd rest a bit, and then get some work done later in the day yesterday, but sleep really won out.

Too bad sleep can't always win out.

I only went outside yesterday to take Max to the bus stop. He's that tiny speck of a back pack moving so much faster than me in the below.

Tonight we're all supposed to attend the Camp Yavneh Shabbat Dinner, and I really hope I still feel up to going. We had such a nice time last year, and I can't wait to go again a year from now when hopefully Max will have developed some of the friendships that Hannah has.

I doubt I'll write again today, so forgive me for missing a day. Five and six are almost the same anyway, right?

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