Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

I have to admit - I'm feeling like more of a Halloween failure this year than in past years. I blame Pinterest. And all my crafty, DIY blog friends. The store-bought valley girl and Captain Hook costumes do rock, and the kids loved them, but this year I've felt like I should have done more. But, the pumpkins got carved, the kids are happily ripping into their candy now, and we're waiting for the handful of kids who bother shlepping down our street to come by.

You can see Halloween 2004 to 2010 here. I still love that post so much. And for the sake of completeness on the blog, here are some shots from 2011 that didn't get posted at the time.


  1. Oh what sweet little costumes! They look happy and that's all that matters. I will never hand sew a button, let alone an entire costume, so don't feel bad at all.