Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kitchen Details - #NaBloPoMo 17

How the kitchen connects to the new space
I haven't really written about the house in detail since we completed the renovation, and that's because I don't think of it as "done" yet. The building permit is gone and we haven't had workers in the house in weeks, but there are still various parts of the house that need unpacking and moving into, or new furniture and accessories, or just more thought on how to use the space. We're getting there little by little, ordering blinds and trying to make sense of where the couch should go, but it's a process. Overall though, we're really happy with the changes and I think it'll only get better with time.

One of my favorite things is the access we have from the kitchen into the new back room of the house. We're still figuring out how best to use the room, and I think that includes settling on a name for the space too. The photo above shows the old kitchen off to the left and the connection to the new room on the right. And it shows some of the messes we have yet to put away. And the folding table I haven't bothered to move since Thanksgiving is a week away and we're hosting for the first time.

Here's a close-up of a Hanukkah present Marc bought for me a couple years ago, a clock with Hebrew letters. It's a modern update of a Hebrew letter clock that had been in my grandfather's living room for years, that I always wanted. The green dot matches my counter tops, and the light blue now matches the wall paint.

Hanging on the opposite wall, we now have this photo of tomatoes, which mimics the clock's multi-colored circles so, so well. I don't even like tomatoes that much, but I can't stop looking at this new art. It's like it was always meant to be a part of our home.

Here's one more photo of the new downstairs space. As I said, the blinds are coming. We haven't figured out a proper cushion for the window seat yet. There are still a few boxes. But the piano is getting daily use, and the new washer and dryer (just outside of the frame!) have been life-changing. The goal is to get this space a little more presentable over the next week, and I think we can do it. Presentable is one thing. Done is totally another.

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