Friday, June 6, 2014

Tomorrow! If/Then

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

(Yes, you should imagine me singing. In front of a mirror, while holding a hairbrush for a microphone if you must.)

Marc and I are taking an extremely quick trip to New York City to see the new Broadway show, "If/Then." I bought the tickets back in December and have been anxious to see it since I first heard about the new Idina Menzel-helmed vehicle. And then Anthony Rapp, who originated Mark Cohen in RENT, was also added to the cast, and my determination to see the original cast of the Broadway production grew.

I've always seen tours of shows or seen shows years after they began, except for a production of "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway, which, if I'm being honest, is not the same as seeing Idina Menzel. That was special too, as it was Hannah's first Broadway show, but this is different. Going to see "If/Then" is a pure, just-for-me decision. Marc just has to tag along, and try to enjoy it at least a little.

The show is similar to the movie "Sliding Doors," in that it shows the two directions life takes depending on one small decision. This is the type of thing I think about often (and I write if/then formulas in Excel all the time), and I know there will be moments where I'll be (overly) identifying with the characters. The soundtrack just came out this week, and I couldn't help myself and have already listened to it twice.

I can't wait.

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