Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Monday

I've had the sense all day long that I've forgotten something. Looking ahead, it's a bit of an odd week, and tomorrow's schedule is stacked. It's Field Day at school, but Max is (hopefully) scheduled to get his cast off in the middle of the morning. He's going to be wearing all three colors and helping the teachers time the events so that he can still participate for a while. I'm nervous about having to pull him out in the middle of the event, and even more nervous about his wrist itself, but it will probably all be fine.

Oh, and at the last minute, we decided to stop and buy some green hairspray, as Hannah is on the green team. Unlocking number one mom status, at least for now. 

Tomorrow night we have the aftercare annual ice cream party, followed by a dairy dinner at synagogue for the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. I'm excited for these events, but also frustrated that I probably won't make it to Zumba, unless I get up super early. I really want to figure out how to do everything, and I hate being limited in choices. 

It feels like such a Monday. Wish me luck with all of our plans for tomorrow. 

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