Monday, June 16, 2014

June is Trying to Kill Me

My friend Stephanie listed all of the balls in the air. My friend Liz thinks we need to organize a union. It's worse than all that, friends. I think June is trying to kill me.

Okay, yes, I'm being a bit (very) dramatic. But I look at the last two weeks, and look at the next two weeks, and I kind of want to cry. Uncle. It's all too much. July looks like a peaceful dream in comparison, and I'll probably be bored out of my mind and creating things to distract me. Or I'll be curled up in the fetal position somewhere, shocked that I made it through June.

Here's what happened in the first two weeks, things that go beyond the ordinary:
  1. Hannah and Marc ran a 5K (Max and I cheered them on).
  2. We attended and I volunteered at the school Spring Fling.
  3. I found out I'm going to be blogging for work. That means no sponsored content here for sure! Whee!
  4. Max got his cast removed. Yay!
  5. We attended the aftercare ice cream social.
  6. Followed immediately be the temple dairy Shavuot dinner.
  7. We took my car in to have the air conditioning repaired.
  8. We spent a night in Hartford. We left the kids there and...
  9. We spent a night in NYC and saw a show.
  10. We rushed to get back to take Hannah to a party and Marc attended a synagogue meeting.
  11. It was stuffed animal and pajama day at school. 
  12. I got the last dose of a vaccination I'd needed prior to going to Israel, and saw my endocrinologist.
  13. We attended the fourth grade choir and instrumental concert.
  14. I found out a paper I wrote for work was "going viral" and wondered why my blog won't (probably because of posts like this one). 
  15. We attended the fourth grade biography project.
  16. We attended the kindergarten portfolio viewing. 
  17. We went to family services, took Hannah to two different birthday parties including a sleepover, and then attended a family show at ImprovBoston.
  18. We went to a Red Sox game and endured various degrees of sun damage, and made the annual epic pre-overnight camp trip to Target.
And as I walked to the train this morning, going in for just a half day so I could attend "kindergarten aftercare graduation" this afternoon and then following it up with an overseas conference call tonight, I came to the conclusion that June is trying to kill me.

Okay, yes, this is a lot of very privileged whining, I know. These are all good things. I'm very lucky and grateful, I promise. But more than a dozen out of the ordinary events in a two week span is a lot, and there's still two more weeks to go. There's the end of school, more parties and play dates, a dentist appointment, working from home and bringing the kids to work, a few more late conference calls, plus getting Hannah to overnight camp and for Max, Camp Grandma.

Which brings me to the light at the end of the tunnel. On June 30, Hannah will be away and Max will start camp. A new routine will begin. I really do think it'll be calmer.

It'll all go by in the blink of an eye, as summers tend to do.

And for now, I'll try not to think about how crazy September will be.

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