Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let It Go

"Frozen" fatigue is all over the internet, but I promise, this post is about more than a song that has captured little (and big) hearts everywhere.

You see, way back in the fall, before we had this winter's earworm firmly lodged in our brains, I was telling people that I was going to let some things go. Because if I was going to produce Listen To Your Mother Boston, some things were going to be left undone. The next few months were going to be an exercise in letting things go. Like the crumbs on the floor.

At the beginning of the year, I thought I was doing well. January came and went, filled with snow days, and that helped me keep a good handle on getting things done. February brought its own challenging weeks, and four very full days of auditions, but I took a day off of work to spend time cleaning and sorting. I even wrote a blog post in my head (um, yea, there are a lot more blog posts in my head than on my blog) about how producing a show is a form of self-care, because I was so in love with the audition process and the highs of putting together our cast.

March, however, was a different story. Too much cold, too much snow, too many emails sent that never got responses. And, unfortunately, too much time spent cleaning and not letting things go. I just can't. I've still prioritized cleaning over other things. So what did I drop? Some sleep. A lot of TV. Blogging. I've made it back to the gym for three weeks in a row now, and I'm happy with that. But I haven't found a solution to the cleaning and the laundry. If I let them go, they don't actually go anywhere. I haven't been able to figure out if the tasks end up taking less time or longer once I've let them accumulate a bit, but they do feel more painful than my usual habits of staying on top of things.

So, it turns out I'm not very good at letting it go--not much of a surprise there. But would I change who I am?

Well, yea, I could use a little more tolerance for crumbs on the floor.

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