Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Secret to Better Mondays

I woke up this morning after a full night of sleep, the first one I've had in ages (yes, my kids sleep through the night just fine. Their mom, not so much.). I couldn't believe the snow outside our window, but I just had to laugh at winter's last grasp. I made my walk to the train without slipping, and that's all that I wanted.

I was carrying a giant poster tube to be dropped off at the Old South Church, our venue for the show (TEN MORE DAYS OMG), on the same block as the Boston Marathon finish line. Yesterday was the one year anniversary. I walked around a bit, and one of the church congregants struck up a conversation with me as we waited for the church to open. We stood beneath the banners installed for the anniversary, that were damaged when left outside for days while the site was a crime scene. It felt good being there. I sat in the sanctuary for a few moments, just taking everything in.

I got to work and found out that I'm going to travel to *Paris* in a few weeks. It's going to be just like "The Devil Wears Prada" except with more numbers and less Prada. Far, far less Prada. But still, Paris.

Then my Australian counterparts randomly sent me cookies ("biscuits") and a nice note. I've worked with them for years and that's never happened before, so it was an especially nice surprise.

I had lunch with my lovely friend Kimberly of Red Shutters. She's my conference buddy and we started talking about BlogHer '14 and I so can't wait.

The afternoon passed quickly and I got a lot of work done. I even decided to get my nails done before picking up the kids from aftercare, as I'd stress-picked off all my Shellac.

So why am I telling you all this? It was a good day, sure. But really, I think I've figured out the secret to having better Mondays. The secret is that they should happen on Wednesday, when you also know you have off on Friday. And then have lots of great stuff happen too. :)

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