Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Somehow, it's one year later. I'd put the 2014 marathon date on my calendar fairly soon after the 2013 marathon, because I wanted to be there to support the runners and the city where I've spent half of my life. But instead I spent the day at work, as I'm taking time off later this week. It was a frustrating work day (remember that trip to Pairs? It's off.), and I regretted my decision to work instead.

But the day was salvaged when I found myself early for my dinner and book reading plans with Jessica. I didn't expect to get to Coolidge Corner as quickly as I did, and I found myself with 30 minutes to spare and able to walk right up to the barriers. By this time, those still running had been at it for over five hours. Many of them were walking, some of them looked like they were in a lot of pain even, but they were still going.

I cheered, shouting out names and encouragement to all who went past. The runners from the MR8 team, in particular a double amputee, drew lots of cheers from the crowd. There was a man with the stars and stripes shaved into his chest hair, and a pregnant woman running with a sign that said "Mary + 1." I saw a Twitter friend and a coworker, and many guided runners who needed assistance due to various disabilities. I cheered, and I'm sure like many others yesterday, I cried.

It was a beautiful day. Congratulations to all 36,000 runners, and a giant thank you to all who helped make it a safe place for all of us. Boston is indeed strong.

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