Monday, July 22, 2013

General Busy-ness: June and July 2013

So I'm fairly certain that I wrote the June edition of General Busy-ness in my head, but it appears I never actually did the whole typing, uploading and hitting publish part of the process, which doesn't help you all in the least. I did write some things in June though. I told you about my unbalanced week, which kicked off the month. I told you about preschool graduation. I told you it was my anniversary. I haven't kept you completely in the dark. Here's what I didn't tell you.
Hannah had her piano recital, and we've decided to put piano lessons on hold until she gets acclimated to a new instrument during her school program in the fall. This year she played "Starships" by Nicki Minaj, and did a great job with it. We also went to her third grade recorder concert and classroom portfolio party. She had another great school year, and can't wait for Max to be at school with her in the fall. She also got to attend a *lot* of parties in the last few weeks of school. I kind of wish I had her social calendar. She left school a day early to start her second summer at Camp Yavneh, and we picked her up yesterday. Again, she had a fantastic time and can't wait to go back next summer. I missed her terribly, but I think I handled it better this time around.

And yes, it was nice to get some alone time in with Max, and to spend time on the things he's most interested in. After we dropped Hannah at camp, we took him to tour a submarine and a tiny science museum in New Hampshire. He got to spend a few days with his grandparents, who took him to the beach and Chuck E. Cheese. We also took him to the New England Aquarium on the Fourth of July, and to see Disney Channel's Choo Choo Soul at a free outdoor music festival in Boston. But most importantly, Max went to camp for the first time at some place other than the JCC. He spent a few weeks at a Newton Parks & Recreation camp, and he loved it. He learned to play dodge ball, and asked me to pick him up late so he could spend more time playing chess. I'm so thrilled he had a great experience there.
Marc and I got to have one night out while both kids were away, doing the traditional dinner and a movie thing, but it was really nice. The following day we both got to do some things on our own, which for me meant getting a haircut, doing some shopping for BlogHer, and going to the Darren Criss concert at the House of Blues. The show was great--I'm not as familiar with his solo music, but of course his performance of "Teenage Dream" was spectacular. I've been really happy with how much time we've spent in Boston this summer - four outings in the city since Memorial Day weekend has to be a record for us.

Work is as busy as ever, but going well. Exercise still seems to be a struggle--I get to Zumba when I can, but not as often as I should. But I have been writing more, including some pieces that I haven't posted here, but that hopefully you'll be able to see somewhere, some day. And I leave for BlogHer in about two days, a trip that has consumed much more thought and planning than I ever thought possible, but I'm ready for it.

So what's your summer been like so far?

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  1. Our summer has had a rough start due to the rain/oppressive heat, but the last few days have been pretty comfortable which puts everyone in a better mood. Most of summer plans are yet to come which was good planning on our part considering the weather. That is, if the weather improves during our travels. We'll see. :) Have a great rest of your summer!!