Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Show Me Your Face" BlogHer13 Meme

Okay, I will play along. Here, BlogHer13 participants (and beyond), is my face.

Well, you already had my face from two years ago in tiny avatar form, but here's what I looked like more recently, on the first non-humid morning we'd had in Boston after a very long stretch of wretched mornings. This is the "as good as it gets" face, the hair that isn't totally triangulated yet face, the still wearing make up face, the taken from a flattering angle and good outdoor lighting face. And my front yard and the corner of my red house.

Chances are, you won't end up seeing this girl unless you find yourself waiting for the elevator immediately after leaving your hotel room at the same time as me, because she tends to disappear rather quickly. She's sometimes replaced by the pony tail-wearing face, or the concealer can't hide the bags under my eyes face, or more strands of grey in her hair than I realized face. But those girls are usually nice, so I hope you'll get to know them too.

Looking forward to meeting more of you than I can count.

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