Sunday, June 23, 2013

OMG, It's Today.

I stayed up too late on Thursday night, and struggled to get myself out of bed the following morning. I stumbled through putting in my contacts and brushing my teeth, and after a minute or so in the shower, my mind finally snapped to attention and I nearly yelled out loud, "Oh my G-d, it's today!" Friday, June 21.

I'd mentioned here before that this June feels a bit like a December with all we have going on, and I'd definitely been caught up in the cycle of getting through each day, with almost everyday having something special or different about it. So when it suddenly struck me that it was that particular day on the calendar, the start of Hannah's last weekend at home before overnight camp, with the packing left to finish and many social events for her to attend ahead, well, now I was fully awake. I knew I needed to get through the day and this weekend, bringing my A-game to all she needed to accomplish.

And then I was suddenly transported back in time to another Friday, June 21. This time, it was in 2002, and it was just two days before my wedding. That morning, I was staying at my parent's house, and I came downstairs just in time to hear the announcer of The Today Show begin that morning's broadcast. Hearing the booming voice say "Today is Friday, June 21, 2002," I was struck dumbfounded. For the past thirteen months, Marc and I had planned all of those tiny wedding details, referring to events on Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and the big day, Sunday the 23rd, as these far-off, almost imaginary moments in time. It didn't seem real that it was finally all happening, but the Today Show announcer forced me forward, starting that momentous weekend at 7 am in my mother's kitchen.

Eleven years later, I'm not sure I truly imagined what our life would be like now. Sure, we danced to song lyrics of "come what may" and "the best is yet to come," but what do we really know on those bright, shiny wedding days? We hope and we pray and we dream, but the actual logistics of attending the neighborhood block party and re-packing the just-packed an hour before duffel bag? It was beyond what I could have imagined then, but I feel so fortunate for it to have turned out this way.

Happy 11 years, Marc. I couldn't be this busy with you.


  1. Cheryl:

    First, thank you for coming to my place today.

    Second, your wedding anniversary is the same day as my parents anniversary! They celebrated 50 years on June 23rd. THAT was the post I meant to write today. But instead I wrote that bummer of a blog. I promise to put up a piece of their love because it is amazing. Truly.

    Congratulations on 11 years.

    May you celebrate happiness for many decades. Good things happen on that day. Last year, my son celebrated his bar mitzvah, so I'm particularly fond of June 23rd.