Friday, September 4, 2009

Bright Horizons Back-Up Solutions to the rescue!

One of the many amazing benefits provided by my employer is access to a Bright Horizons Back-Up daycare center. This is a small but growing segment of the Bright Horizons business, which is to be used when normal daycare or school arrangements are compromised, or on a transitional basis when switching between programs. Some companies require a co-pay (mine does not; again, how awesome are they?!?). Reservations are taken a month in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis. There are some "high demand days" when infant and toddler placement is not guaranteed, but for the most part, our family has been well-accommodated by the program.

Our center is located on the second floor of my building, which couldn't be easier (we usually take the commuter rail on days when the kids come in). They're incredibly well-organized, with cubbies and bins labeled before the kids arrive, and extra labels for sippy cups and strollers. The staff at our center has been mostly the same since Hannah first attended a few years ago, and they remember the kids and always comment on how much they've changed and grown. Mid-day I pick up the kids for a lunch out in the city, which they love. It's a warm, wonderful place, and the kids always seem to have a great time there.

Hannah and Max spent two days there this week as part of our "HELP, THERE'S NO DAYCARE AND NO CAMP AND SCHOOL DOESN'T START FOR WEEKS!" shuffle (both kids had 12 weekdays free at the end of the summer). I'm so grateful to have this service to help us make it through, and hope that more companies make this option available to their juggling employees.

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