Friday, September 25, 2009

Catching Up

Apologies for the radio silence over the past two weeks. I was on a roll for a while, but then life started getting the better of me, and I haven't felt much like writing.

Our synagogue BBQ went really well this year, and I'm very pleased with the changes I made to improve it this year. Having two balloon twisters was great, and as Hannah said, the craft project was a hit. Other than a little rain and a giant swarm of bugs, the event was great.

Unfortunately, though, my back/leg pain returned with a vengeance last week and I ended up getting another fun treatment. I'm very frustrated by being in pain - it colors everything I think, see, and do.

We had a nice Rosh Hashanah, with wonderful meals prepared by Marc and a quick trip to see everyone in Hartford. I didn't get to spend much time at services this year, but it still felt like a new beginning in some ways. If you celebrated, I hope it was the start to a sweet new year.

This week was incredibly busy, with Max's open house Monday, Hannah's language club introductory meeting Tuesday and then her kindergarten open house on Wednesday. Max also had the biggest injury of his life so far, banging up two of his fingers on the playground at school (but as a bonus, he learned to say "finger" and "sick"). Hannah also started a karate class at school that we found out about less than 24 hours before it began. So it's been an overwhelming week, and I don't really see us slowing down for quite a while.

Tomorrow I'm hoping for a nice day for the four of us to visit a farm and do some apple-picking. This type of event usually doesn't live up to my visions for it, but I feel compelled to try. We really need a day to do something fun together (or at least I need it!). So much has been happening so quickly, that I need some time to slow down and relax a bit.

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  1. Relaxing together as a family is a great idea! Hope the weather is good for apple picking. So glad the Barbeque went well, it's so good of you to volunteer to help out the synagogue like that with all you have going on. Speaking of Marc's delicious meals, please tell him that I was still getting compliments on his brisket the next week after we got together. Looking forward to seeing you soon. May you all be inscribed for a good, sweet year. Fillis