Monday, September 7, 2009

Make Way for the Stober Kids

I'm home with the kids by myself today, Labor Day, and my leg wasn't feeling great this morning, so I wasn't sure how to spend the day. Marc sent me a note about a rally for healthcare reform happening this morning at Boston Common, and while I didn't think the kids would enjoy it much, it did give me the idea to take the kids into Boston anyway.

What sealed my thinking was remembering the new improvements to the Arlington stop on the Green Line. I hadn't been there yet, but it's been totally redone to be wheelchair accessible, which would also mean stroller accessible in our case. The station really is soooo much better, and the elevators worked great. We even had newer trains going there and back, so I never had to lift Max's stroller for our entire outing. This really saved my back, and I'm grateful for that. Now the T just needs to get moving and finish the Copley station already!

Anyway, we went right into the Public Garden and made our way to the Swan Boats. Another Boston thing I've always wanted to do, now off the list! It was a lovely little ride around the lagoon (or whatever body of water that was), and the kids really enjoyed it. Max kept quacking at the ducks. We continued walking around, taking in a magic show, playing on the "Make Way for Ducklings" statues, stopping at the rally for a bit, getting lunch, playing on the playground, and finally getting ice cream before the ride home. I told Hannah that it was our last ice cream of the summer, but she quickly had me assure her that we could still have ice cream sometimes, even if the season for it has ended. :) Of course, we can't stop having it now that Max knows what to ask for - "s'cream!"

So a fun little trip for this last day of summer, and I'm proud of myself for doing it on my own, too!

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