Monday, September 8, 2014

Plates, Balls, and Moles

It's her last year of elementary school, you guys.
I haven't written here in over a week, which makes me very twitchy. I love writing here, it's one of my only releases, and to not have had time for it means life has been really, really busy (said it before, saying it again: the blog title does not lie). I've been neglecting Facebook and Twitter too. That leaves a really disconnected, sad shell of me.

Plates are being spun, balls are juggling in the air, and moles are being whacked. Use all the metaphors, please.

The kids have started school, fifth and first grades, which simultaneously feels impossible and completely right. They like their teachers, have a few friends in their classes, and things are off to a good start. Of course that also includes aftercare and religious school too, and more activities will be starting soon. They're both taking swim lessons, Max is taking chess, and Hannah hopes to start choir soon, plus clarinet at school. Add in the usual flurry of forms, supplies, new clothes and shoes, and the return of homework.

I arrived back from vacation to find out that a million things were needed at the office, all of them due immediately, if not the day before last. It's good to be busy, but it's been hard to be that busy and then this busy at home too. Plus, just after getting over my missing-the-mornings guilt, I changed my schedule and have been home doing mornings again. That means longer days in the office, and so far, more trying commutes during peak hours. It's an adjustment that will probably feel normal in a few weeks, but for now it's meant a few episodes of mid-day low blood sugar and extra exhaustion.

Like I said, new routines will soon be established and life with continue on as it always has. But allow me a moment to say that I'm glad this past week is now behind me.

There just hasn't been much extra time this past week, and I've felt it.


  1. Yes the start of school and all the other activities take us all into a new routine after summer, we are back in it full swing as well. For me that means also being up at school more in both girls classes, plus the planning of our school's fundraising Gala is starting up! Breathe 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 :)