Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Breaking Point

So after my not-so-vacationy vacation, juggling all the balls in the air, and being managed through a stressful situation, I settled into last week as an already frayed end. My cough had returned and persisted through the weekend. On Monday, I went to the dentist for a cleaning, and they found a cavity. On Tuesday I went to the endocrinologist and my blood sugar still needs some work (as always). And then I woke up on Wednesday with what I assumed to be an ulcer on my cornea (I had one about two years ago), which was confirmed by seeing my eye doctor that afternoon. And I had to go to the eye doctor again on Thursday.

I don't recommend corneal ulcers. They hurt. A lot. And I can't wear my contacts, which means I don't see as well, which means I'm even crankier than just being in pain would imply. But fortunately, these things heal quickly upon treatment, and I should be back to wearing my contacts in a day or two.

But yea, I hit a bit of a breaking point. So fortunately I was able to work from home last Friday, and I spent the day sitting in the dark (light sensitivity is a big factor in the pain). I had a really productive morning, but a quieter afternoon, and it was truly what I needed. I got a chance to rest, and didn't have to miss out on going apple picking the following day, which is one of my favorite activities of the year.

I'm feeling better now. My cough has dissipated. I'm working on the blood sugar and have an appointment scheduled for my cavity filling. The next few weeks don't look quite as hectic, especially with the forced downtime of the coming Jewish High Holidays.

I'll continue to hover over that magical line between "a lot" and "too much," and hopefully I won't stumble across the line into dangerous territory again soon.

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