Friday, August 23, 2013

Previously, On The Having It All Project...

Summer is winding down and just like the temperatures have started to drop, so have my blog stats. It seems not many people like to be tethered to their computers on Fridays during the summer. What a shocker, right? So just like TV series now ubiquitously start with a recap of some of the prior episodes, here are some of The Having It All Project posts that you might have missed. You can find the gorgeous photo album of all the participants here, and why not give Busy Since Birth a Facebook "like" while you're at it?

T.J., father of two and Iraq war veteran, doesn't stress unless his "@$$ is on fire," because that's actually happened to him while flying over Baghdad.

Gina, a mother of five and a survivor of sexual assault, is forging her own path and make life work on her own terms.

Eleanor, Rabbi and Executive Director of California Faith for Equality, relies on technology and a commitment to date night to survive the chaos of balancing it all.

And from my own personal files, is life all about leaning in, or is luck a bigger factor?

Hope you had a chance to discover something new today. The Having It All Project resumes on Friday, September 6. I'm busy filling slots for the remainder of 2013--please reach out to me at if you'd like to participate!

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