Sunday, June 2, 2013

General Busy-ness: May 2013

Yes, it's June 2 and I'm just getting to the May edition of General Busy-ness, but you'll have to cut me some slack as I'm also rocking a cold at the moment. So is Max. Who doesn't love a gorgeous 90+ degree summer day spent inside with a box of tissues? Well, at least it's giving me the time to spend on this.

May started off with Marc's cousin's wedding in Annapolis. Everything was lovely and our tightly configured travel schedule went off without a hitch. I love spending time with Marc's extended family - they're all such great people.

 The lovely bride and groom at the US Naval Academy

Kids posing in their wedding finery

I've been wearing suits to work a lot more often. It's an interesting change, and I'm trying to figure out how to wear a suit but still feel like myself. So far, that's with the use of a few new necklaces and fun nail colors. I've got two days of meeting this week and I'm hoping they find my "Jet Set"-colored nails - a kind of dark grey - a bold but sophisticated choice.

 Getting used to suiting up

Religious school has ended for the year and afterward we attended the annual Bowen Spring Fling. Except the only pictures I took there were of Max, because Hannah was off doing her own thing with her friends. Max really loves the playground there and he can't wait to start there in the fall.

On "The Spider" at Bowen

And finally, over Memorial Weekend we ended up spending a day in the city, checking out the Museum of Science and the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit there. It was an unexpectedly nice day weather-wise, so we decided to walk over to the Holocaust Memorial, visit Faneuil Hall, have dinner at Durgin Park and pick up some cannoli at Mike's Pastry. It was a very Boston-y day.

Apparently, cannoli elicit strange reactions from Max.

And now it's June. Which, since schools get out so late here in Massachusetts this year given all the snow and hurricane days we had, kind of feels like the busy-ness of December. There's the long-awaited preschool graduation, and Hannah will be leaving for her first longer stretch at overnight camp. I'm also hoping to spend some time on all things blog as I gear up for my first BlogHer. So yea, it'll keep being busy. But I love it, too.

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