Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm the Moms #FeaturedParentBlogger of the Week!

Hi new friends and visitors!

I'm guessing you just found me through I'm so excited to have you here, and hope you'll stick around my site for a while.

So you're just getting to know me, right? Well, first I'd suggest you go through some of the archives below. I've got lots of posts on my favorite topic, "having it all," but hopefully there are others you'll find interesting too. Like some of my favorite vacations, my annual birthday letters to my kids, ongoing struggles with health and exercise, Judaism, Boston and a bit of pop culture fun too. (Yea, that's another 11 posts for you to sink a good chunk of time into exploring.)

I'm excited to spend the week with you all!


  1. Hello! I'm a new reader and been browsing your blog for a while this morning. It seems that us moms that are also balancing a special needs child seem to be underrepresented (I've read a few of the guest blogs) and I wonder if there aren't as many of us out there as I thought! Maybe when you add all the extra time a special needs child takes, you end up not having time to write a blog. I was wondering if you had any thoughts? I know my "moment when it all broke down" would not look at all like the ones I've read!

  2. Coming by from! Yay! So glad to MEET you via this intro and can't wait to keep up with your blog! Great job...we are located on the Seacoast of Boston, not too far from you!
    Christine and Bonnie

  3. Hi Cari - thanks for your comment!

    I am working hard to present a wide variety of viewpoints with The Having It All Project, and I do think that some people don't want to discuss certain facets of their lives. Some participants have had children with special needs, but chose not to discuss it in this format. I'm also careful not to reach out to people in ways that scream "hey, you've got issue X in your life, wanna write about it?"

    There are a lot of special needs bloggers out there, although not all of them make that the primary issue of their blog. I would recommend checking out one I enjoy, which is Things I Can't Say, She discusses some of the special needs she has encountered with her children.

    And if you're interested in writing for the project, I'd love to have you. Thanks again for your comment!