Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Are You Watching?

A lighter post here today on Busy Since Birth, on what I do when I'm not overly busy. Or maybe it's what I need to do because I am overly busy? Whatever. Yes, I admit it, my drug of choice is television.

How lucky we are to have so many programming choices, and DVRs that make them accessible when we're ready for them? After a long day, there isn't much I like more than getting to disappear into a show for an hour or two, focusing just on the worries and cares of those reflected on my screen. I'm also very loyal to my shows - there are few programs that I will start watching and not watch until they disappear from the air entirely (though I have to admit that I stopped watching all MTV programming around the time Hannah was born, even if some still consider The Real World to be as good as ever.). In the last month or so, two of my long term favorites, Gossip Girl and Private Practice, came to an end, with over-the-top weddings in both shows' finales, and I cried real tears for each. Yes, I'm a big believer in the cathartic cry that can result from television shows. Speaking of, are you watching Parenthood yet? Because I don't care who you are, but you should be.

And of course there's Downton Abbey, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Mindy Project and The New Normal. I still get drawn in to The Bachelor too. And a few Bravo shows in rotation throughout the year. It's sad to admit it, but nothing that makes me think too hard, at least not with regularity. I want to laugh and be entertained (and within the lexicon of Bravo programming for sure, be a little above it all too).

What are you watching? Or what do you do to get your mind off things?

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