Sunday, July 1, 2012

Story Land 2012

This was our third trip to Story Land in New Hampshire, and like the first time in 2007 and the second time in 2009, it did not disappoint. As we drove up, the weather was pretty lousy, but we were still able to take advantage of their late arrival policy, which allows you to come back for another full day on the same ticket. It was still raining when we got there at 3 pm, but not very hard, and the kids decided to take full advantage of the weather and go on all of the water rides. Hannah rode the bamboo shoots three times in a row without getting off, since there were no lines at all. Marc and the kids had a blast on the new Egyptian-themed water cannon ride. We were at the park when it opened the following day, which was forecast to be just as rainy as the day before. Fortunately, the forecast was wrong, and we got a lovely day with minimal crowds. The kids tore through all of the rides and activities and were done by 3 pm, as we had barely waited in a line all day, if at all. We saw the circus, including a funny dog act, and a fairy tale show too. Throw in a swim in the hotel pool, and a seriously good dinner at Margarita Grill, and the trip was complete. The next morning we left North Conway to head to Northwood to drop Hannah off at Camp Yavneh!

Some pictures from the trip, but first, since I didn't post pictures on the blog in the past, here are our older pictures with Humpty Dumpty.

2007 (3yo Hannah was trying to escape):
2009 (1yo Max was a bit frightened):
And 2012 (Come on Mommy, enough with your silly pictures!):

Some other great shots:

Sadly, the kids are starting to age out of Story Land, but we've always enjoyed our trips there. If you've got little ones, I can't recommend it enough!


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I particularly like the three years of photos with Humpty.

  2. We love Storyland. So glad that we are getting ONE more visit before we retire that vacation. I love the SHOE ride. Thanks for posting some oldies of your kids!

  3. Great pictures! We've been to Storyland the past 6 years, but when we head up to N Conway later this month, I actually think we're going to skip it. Last year we did Santa's Village for the first time and since my kids are a little older (they will be 5 & 8 in August), they liked it at SV a little better.

  4. We love Story Land! Going back in August. I think it'll be our 5th year in a row! My girls adore it. Great pictures!