Sunday, December 9, 2012

Online Resources for Having It All

As I continue to grow and expand my having it all focus, I wanted to share some of the resources I've found for others thinking about these issues too.
First off is the site Hello Ladies. I was recently interviewed by the woman who runs the site, Liz, for her upcoming book on working women and housework, and it raised so many questions for me about my own life and how I'm managing things. Liz's posts range from serious discussions, casting light on topics many would rather avoid, to fun gift guides for the working woman in your life. Liz is looking to conduct more interviews for her book still, so please contact her if you'd like to get involved. Hopefully she and I will get to meet in person at some point too!

Since Anne-Marie Slaughter lit up the internet with her article Why Women Still Can't Have It All, The Atlantic has become one of my go-to sites (and favorite Twitter feeds) for a lot of great content. They recently launched a new section called The Sexes where they intend to expand upon the conversation that started in earnest with Slaughter's piece. I really enjoyed this article on a new film and the author's conclusion that "sports, despite hundreds of films and thousands of beer commercials, just has nothing to do with being a man."

Finally, there's Liberating Working Moms.Written by a group of working moms of many different stripes, the site conquers the day-to-day aspects that I talk about here too: finding time to work out, what to wear, the emotional side of it all. I'm envious of the woman in this post who got to take a week off between the end of one job and start of another - that is something I definitely fantasize about.

What about you? What are some of your favorite sites? Please share in the comments below!

This post is something I've written as part of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, Day 7. I'm really enjoying thinking about my blog in all these new ways!

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