Thursday, September 20, 2012

All The News

It feels like a lot is going on right now, so a little post seemed in order.
Rosh Hashanah was nice but quiet. Marc (and Hannah) made some beautiful challahs and other great meals. Max thought his new outfit made him look like President Obama. Tashlich at Bullough's Pond was packed with people. Hannah did a fabulous job reciting a passage written by Anne Frank at the new family service. I really liked having the first day of the chag being on a Monday, since I had time to get things done over the weekend. Though I was feeling a little left out of some things this year, on the whole it was nice.
After five and a half years of sitting at the same desk at work (how crazy that this is the only picture I can find after sitting there all these years?), next week my team will be moving and I'll be getting an office. With a door. I am BE-YOND excited about it. Our current space is really lacking, and so it's been the life of a cubicle dweller for all of this time. My cube is actually an open, shared space that my coworker sits beside me in, so there is officially no privacy. It's also near a high-traffic reception area, and quite loud at times. A couple of years ago, the walls of my cubicle were raised so that I could avoid the constant interruption of every passerby, and it did help some. But seeing as I eat lunch at my desk almost every day, and my boss is one of those guys who needs to share every thought as it comes into his head, I've had no barrier to stop the almost daily, mid-bite interruptions. As of October 1, there will be a door, and I intend to use it liberally. (And yes, I'm already completely packed for the move, why do you ask?)
Finally, this weekend is my first official blogging conference, and I can't wait for it to start. I used it as an excuse to buy some much-needed new clothes, and ordered my first personal business cards. Somehow, that was more exciting than when I first got them at work, but it's a completely different kind of pride. I'm putting myself out there without the backing of a company that has faith in me - I have to have that kind of faith in myself instead. There is a Boston Harbor cruise on Friday night, then workshops all day Saturday followed by another dinner out. I can't wait to meet more of the people I've followed online for years and reconnect with some I haven't seen in a while. I hope to come away from it inspired and with some new tools that will make the blog even better for all of you.

So that's all the news that's fit to, well, hit the publish button on - what's new with all of you? Stop lurking - I see all your page views! - and leave me a comment for once!

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  1. Dude, the door is VITAL! Once I got a door at my old corporate America job, I never cared if I was ever promoted again because I had arrived, baby. The ability to close the door and discuss your child's latest bout of the stomach flu in detail with the pediatrician without whispering like you are trying to do a drug deal during office hours is life-freaking-changing. Congrats!