Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Too Much "All"

I saw this coming. I tweeted that almost two weeks ago. This is a rough week.

I have a lot of meetings at work. The kind of meetings that require many days of wearing suits to the office, and being in the office on my usual work from home day. Marc also has a lot of meetings, which usually doesn't matter too much to me, except for when there are also a lot of school commitments.

Which, of course, there are. Today I had to drop off the kids along with a big project Hannah completed, then I had to leave work early to attend her parent-teacher conference. Tomorrow morning is the parent visiting time for the project, which at least is respectful of working parent schedules and only 20 minutes long at the start of school, but with my schedule means I'll get to work two hours later than usual. And I can't make a conference call that got scheduled with less than 24 hours of notice. Marc met Hannah at home for early release today, since I was at work, and is taking the kids to school on Thursday and will stay for about an hour to attend Max's class Halloween party. Oh, and I worked from home on Monday, accompanied by a semi-sick Hannah, who probably could have gone to school, but I was staying home anyway because I had to deal with the car.

Because the parked car was hit by someone this past weekend, breaking the mirror. So that needed to be reported to the insurance company, and of course no note was left, so we're paying for that repair because we haven't hit the deductible on the policy yet. I had at least planned to stop for breakfast and calmly drink my coffee before taking the car to be looked at, with Hannah tagging along, but abandoned that plan when Marc accidentally locked himself out of the house, so I had to drive back home and let him in again. Then after the appraisal was complete and the repair scheduled for later this week after the parts are acquired, I came home and conducted a major analysis for work with the strains of Teen Nick and commercials for Degrassi High in the background.

Add to that commuting hassles, taking 15 minutes to unclog the toilet this morning when Marc had already left for work, planning travel for my next business trip (Nebraska, anyone?) and my new mantra of "I'm not getting sick, I'm not getting sick, I'm not getting sick" while ignoring my sore throat. And I just realized we haven't actually carved our pumpkins, or made a plan for Halloween itself. At least I bought the Halloween candy (priorities!).

It's just a rough week. I've been here before, and I'll be here again. As always, I'm tremendously grateful for all the flexibility, and I know how lucky I am that these are my problems. But still, it's quite a week. See you on the other side.


  1. I hate those weeks! Nothing like school activities on top of Halloween. I can't believe there was no NOTE left on the car.

    Hopefully everything yucky happens this week and next week is MUCH better. I know a certain someone who would love to go to Nebraska with you!

  2. Nebraska is nice....shrugs shouldered in sympathy*