Sunday, October 20, 2013

36: To "Life," Twice Over

Today is my 36th birthday. I always like to try to write posts on my birthday if I can, because hey, it's my blog, and I like reading the archives and seeing what I was thinking at various points.

In Judaism, 18 is a lucky number and the Hebrew symbols spell the word "chai," meaning "life." So getting to 36 is double the luck, double the life. It's like I've lived life twice over, and perhaps I've done enough already to feel that way.

I don't mind birthdays like some people do. Maybe I'm not old enough yet. Thirty-six doesn't feel very old, even written out with letters. I don't think the college intern we had at work this summer minded me too much, so I'm choosing to use that as a barometer of age. When the interns seem annoyed by me, I might have to face some hard facts.

I'm also choosing not to see the increasing number of strands of grey in my hair as an indicator of age. They're just tinsel. I like being festive year-round.

Seriously, though, 35 is going to be really hard to top. I started the year in Florida with Julie. Thanksgiving in Ohio is always special, though this year was particularly sweet. My mom came to visit us in December. Birthday season in January was another smashing success, and the Having It All Project began. February took us to Arkansas. March was another fantastic Passover with Marc's family, and the first time we hosted a seder. April showed me how much I love my adopted hometown. We celebrated at a family wedding in May. June brought satisfying work, preschool graduation and recorder concerts. July was my first BlogHer. August was getting to hear Max say "I love my life!" while floating in a pool. September was seeing Hannah list me as her role model because of my New York Times column. And this October was getting promoted to Product Manager just days before my birthday, and getting to take this picture.

I am blessed, I am lucky, and I am beyond grateful for all of it. Thanks to all of you who are part of my life, both in reality and virtually. You help make it so incredibly full. And busy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. That is a beautiful, beautiful moment in time photo. How gorgeous.