Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of Course I Read the Comments.

No, I couldn't take the advice everyone offered before my piece in the NYT Motherlode blog went live. I'm just not that strong--I had to know what people were saying about it. Honestly, I really wanted to know what they were saying, because if I was a huge failure in the eyes of the comments section, I'd want the opportunity to think about why that might be so.

As of this writing, 115 comments have been posted, though a fair number of them are in response to other comments. At first, some of them were hurtful, which I expected. I even got the "Why do people like this have children in the first place if all they're going to do is give them to surrogate parents to raise?" (and mentally replied "dingdingdingdingding we have the winner!" as I had most anticipated this reaction). But some do pose valid questions, some of which I will attempt to answer in future posts.

I'm tremendously grateful for the opportunity to share some of my story on such a large scale. Those of you who know me personally, or have known me online for long enough that you understood the post and where I'm coming from, I genuinely appreciate the article shares, comments and support. I look forward to continuing to explore these issues with all of you.


  1. I absolutely thought the same thing when I read that comment. ..And the expected reaction award goes to...

  2. I think some people that comment imagine that writers are always saying that what is true and meaningful to them, SHOULD be true and meaningful to others. To me, I was like, "this is Cheryl's perspective and I am interested in this because I am interested in Cheryl and I am interested in this topic overall." So it is always interesting that people think you are requiring your lifestyle of everyone. The most interesting part of this whole topic is the dialogue. To that end, I hope you hear more from people with different perspectives so we can all grow and expand our perspectives. But hey, maybe I am just crazy!