Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Sorry, Mom (A Post on Self-Care)

I didn't know I needed smoother feet.

You see, I'm not a big fan of solving problems I don't know I have. So when my mom told me about this fantastic device for exfoliating your feet, I have to admit that I listened with just one ear. Then she bought me one for my birthday last year--nothing screams "you're almost forty!" like a foot exfoliator!--and I shoved it, unopened, in a drawer.

That was eleven months ago.

But this morning, while cleaning out some old items in the drawer and replacing them with new ones, I saw the exfoliator. It's been a while since my last pedicure. My feet had actually been bothering me this week, after three days in a row of breaking in three new, different pairs of shoes. I'd been on my feet most of yesterday too, prepping for and then hosting our annual sukkah party. So I got the two AA batteries, spent less than five minutes exfoliating, and now, my feet feel really, really nice.

Less than five minutes. Something so incredibly simple and not time-consuming at all just made me feel better. But I just assumed it was stupid--I'd gotten through the past 35 years without exfoliating my feet, why start now? Honestly though, when is the last time you spent five minutes on your feet? For five minutes, I wasn't doing anything else. I wasn't multi-tasking, thinking ahead to my next chore, or checking my email. I wasn't meditating either, but I think I was fairly mindfully paying attention to just this one thing, after probably two solid weeks of running from thing to thing to thing. I caught my breath while smoothing my feet.

So Mom, I'm sorry for blowing off your gift. It's almost time for my birthday again. I'll try to be more gracious this time around, but it was actually nice to find a bit of birthday magic on a random Sunday morning.

(No, this isn't a sponsored post.)

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  1. I can do nothing but LOL!! I am glad you finally like your present from almost a year ago.