Monday, May 20, 2013

Working (Mom) Moment: Unexpected Dinner

My role at work is changing, and I've started attending more meeting with clients, instead of just doing all of the background preparation for the meetings. I'm very excited about this, but it's also made my schedule more complicated.

You may remember that I've been working 8-4 since mid-December so that I can pickup both kids from school in the evenings. But last week my client was scheduled to come in at 4 pm, and I had to hop on an international conference call with another client at 6 pm. So Marc and I flipped schedules, and I drove the kids to school that morning, thinking I wouldn't arrive home until 7:30 or 8 pm.

Just after I'd refreshed my make up and added high heels to my navy suit, the 4 o'clock meeting cancelled (pro tip for foreigners - the USA is a big country. Plan accordingly. :) ) I was sad to have upended my day unnecessarily, but thankfully we were able to reschedule for the following afternoon instead.

And me? I ended up taking the train home and indulging in dinner, alone, at the pub in my neighborhood. I sat at the bar and had a burger and, well, a moment to breathe before the next call. It wasn't how I expected the day to go, but it was really nice to have a moment to take care of myself. I made the 6 o'clock call, and by 6:30, I was able to call the work day done. I'm glad I seized the opportunity to do something nice just for me - it definitely made having to suit up again the next day easier to take.

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