Sunday, May 12, 2013

My 10th Mother's Day

So it's Mother's Day, and this is in fact my 10th time celebrating this day as a mom. I think I've finally figured it out though, as today (well, really, this weekend) has been a really good balance of time.

On Friday night, I went to the third annual Pivot event, this time focusing on finding a personal style. Before I left, I took the picture above, as I was wearing both my first and my tenth Mother's Day presents. I bought that denim jacket back in 2004, on a much anticipated excursion to the mall with four month old Hannah. I vividly remember trying to figure out how to manage her needs while I tried to satisfy my own. I debated whether or not to buy the jacket - it's not quite perfect - but seeing as I'm still wearing it 10 years later, I guess it was the right choice. My gift this year is that colorful necklace above - I've decided that a new element to my "personal style" is to find simpler clothing to pair with gorgeous jewelry. Sounds like a good plan, right? So anyway, I got some time on my own on Friday.

Then last night, I got some time alone with Marc as we went to see "The Great Gatsby." When we were dating, we saw the Baz Luhrmann movie "Moulin Rouge," and our wedding song was taken from that, so I had a feeling we'd enjoy this one, and we did. It was the first time Max was totally fine with being left with a babysitter - usually I get a lot of tears and "no you stay home and be my babysitter!" It was nice to just go out without a complicated plan and or nagging guilt from Max.

This morning I was told to skip Zumba so that I could be treated to breakfast in bed, and it truly was a treat. My favorite bagel and cream cheese, iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, and Twizzlers. :) Hannah also made me a landyard bracelet in my favorite color, and brought home adorable projects from school. I expect more from Max tomorrow, since he was home sick on Friday. Max and I got to spend some quality time together this morning, and Hannah and I got our own version this afternoon. And now I've had time to write this, and that brings me so much joy too.

Mother's Day can be a spring season New Year's Eve - so much anticipation and expectation wrapped up in one day. You go out to eat and the restaurant is surprisingly uncooperative for kids when they marketed a Mother's Day brunch. Your kid gets pink eye. You miss your mom. You long for the children you don't have. You feel less-than-perfect. You feel under-appreciated too often during the rest of the year to enjoy the day.

I know how lucky I am to have had a good one this year. I am so grateful, that I honestly don't mind the dishes I'm about to do. I feel loved this year, and I really appreciate it.

Wishing a happy Mother's Day to moms in all their forms. I hope you feel appreciated too.

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