Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Thrill of Being Asked

Just as I expected after my big YouTube debut, someone immediately came calling with compliments and wanting me to contribute my expertise.

No, seriously, it happened. Another blog asked me if I'd like to be a monthly contributor. And at first, I was seriously flattered.

I was flattered because I'm still not used to being asked, really, for much of anything. I wasn't asked to play on your team at recess. I wasn't asked to Homecoming, or on many dates in general. Or maybe I was left off the planning committee, or just not included on that email. Whatever. I may seem confident to you, and I like to think that I am, but there are moments along the way that have stung and stuck with me. So being asked was really, really nice.

But the writing gig for someone else meant that they'd be earning money from my words, and I've never made a dime from them myself. They promised payment in the form of eyeballs, which is definitely a great way for someone to get started. I would really love to have more eyeballs here. In my ongoing quest to figure out what I'm doing here, I know that I want to develop this writing into something more. It's not clear what that is just yet, but in the meantime, I think I want my words and concepts to stay my not-earning-a-cent own.

So the video series, which helps promote the work of Combined Jewish Philanthropies, a charity I donate to annually? Sign me up. Ask me to contribute to the monthly newsletter at my synagogue, another place I feel passionately about? I'm there. But at least for now, if the writing is just to feed my soul, and not my family? I think I'll be keeping it right here.


  1. Definitely a good choice. Eyeballs does not equal Payment.

  2. Oh, I was the last one picked for the team too. It scars - for life.

  3. Time is money, especially when it comes to blogging.

  4. Good choice, Cheryl. Take the flattered feeling and run. =}

  5. Thanks, my blogging friends, for confirming my thoughts on this one!

  6. You have such a good sense of your priorities. I admire you for sticking to them, especially when a flattering offer comes your way!