Sunday, January 20, 2013


 He's a pretty angry guy...

The coworkers talking so much that you can't concentrate.

People walking through the crowded streets with no regard for their surroundings.

The children on the playground who are getting a bit too rough with each other.

I've been struggling with how to frame this topic for a couple of weeks now, and if I'm struggling with it this much, it probably means my readers are struggling with it too. And that topic is when, exactly, should you interfere?

I have a low tolerance level for annoyance, and I know it. But there are moments that transcend annoyance, and venture into concern for safety. Without getting into the specifics, I intervened on one of those moments recently, and it didn't end well. I tried to handle it calmly, but was left shaking and embarrassed. 

The experience has made me rethink my habits on jumping in to the fray. If there is a clear danger for someone I love, of course I'll still be the first person to step in. But for someone else? I'm not so sure. Others hesitate and avoid, move to the other side of the room. Yet I'm not sure I could do that either.

What about you? What makes you get involved? Or do you pretend not to see?

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  1. That is a very interesting issue. If I don't speak out when I see something that I know is wrong, then I am always sorry after. I definitely don't pretend not to see but I do try to quickly weigh the pros and cons of jumping into the fray