Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cape Cod Pirate Adventures

A few months ago I was detailing Max's pirate obsession to my friend Lori, and she told me we had to make a trip to the Cape to go on the Cape Cod Pirate Adventures. A pirate tour geared towards kids? I couldn't imagine a better way for Max to live out all of his pirate fantasies. And it was everything Lori had promised and more.

After making the reservations a couple of months ago, on Max's half birthday we left the house early and headed out to Hyannis. Max brought his pirate shirt, hat, sword and hook, and he was ready to go. Upon check-in he was given a pirate name tag, where he was nicknamed "May Day Max." They drew on a mustache and goatee and then escorted him and the rest of the crew on to the ship.

Over the next hour at sea the pirate activities unfolded: hoisting the custom-made flag, learning to look out and then putting all hands on deck (literally - sit down and put your hands on the deck!), piecing together a treasure map, fighting the evil pirate for the keys to the treasure chest, dividing up the booty and then sharing some grog. Max surprised me by intensely following all of Pirate Shark Bite's commands - I may need to start dressing like a pirate in order to get a little more respect around here!

Max loved every minute aboard the Sea Gypsy and he wants to go again. So if any of you have room for a stow away on your next trip to the Cape, feel free to let him know.

A mighty vessel!
Ready to board!
The daring crew
 All hands on deck!
 Looking for the treasure:
Blast that evil pirate!
Ask Dad to hold your pirate booty:
Pose for a final picture with your crew:
Thanks Cape Cod Pirate Adventures for making Max's pirate dreams come true!

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  1. We did this adventure last year. My then-2.5yo was too young for it but liked looking at the water while on the boat. My then 5yo...well, a pirate scared the beejesus out of her so I don't know if we'll ever go back, even though it was fun for my husband and me! LOL!