Friday, November 20, 2020


 I've been noting on Facebook lately that I've been doing so. much. adulting.

Maybe it's because life has, frankly, not been so enjoyable with this virus raging and not much to look forward to doing. It feels like life is an endless list of responsibilities and very little pay off right now. I'm not saying that to be depressing, just honest. By focusing on the things I'm getting done, especially those little things without much of a reward for having done them, seems like a way to still feel accomplished and like life is moving forward. 

So this week started with paying to have two dead trees removed before they became threats, and it ended with me ordering a new lightbulb for the refrigerator. I also changed the batteries in our door lock, ordered more compost bags, and refilled the JetDry in the dishwasher. I picked up groceries for our local pantry donation, and the supplies for Max's at home science experiment next week. I registered Hannah for an online event that required an absurd amount of forms. I made incremental progress on details for Max's bar mitzvah. I held my office hours at work and checked in on my teammates. 

The other day I was driving Max to Hebrew school, one of his only in-person activities, and he admitted that if I hadn't told him it was time to go, he wouldn't have had any idea he was missing it. We talked about how people can use tools to help them stay organized, or they can try to design a life where there are few time-sensitive tasks. Or maybe you rent an apartment instead of owning a house, so you don't have to coordinate tree trimming services. But no one can really get out of growing up. 

And sometimes, when you're a grown up, you get to decide that you're just having candy. Because candy is good. So there are some perks. 


  1. (Thought I commented so possible double post!) I have been thinking about this same thing. So many things suck about being an adult that it can make me forget that hey I’m in charge here. Who makes the rules for me? I do. I wish I could keep this at the forefront of my mind.

  2. I think this is the best part about being an adult... yes, we have all the responsibilities, but we also make some of the rules, too :)

  3. Oh. SO much adulting. It's exhausting. Truly.

    I hear and see you.

  4. You're a very productive adult! I completely understand the need to feel like we've accomplished something and we're moving forward during these strange times.
    Also, I had chocolate cake for breakfast today, so I'm with you on the perks. ;)