Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bright Spots

Lest you go thinking that I am all doom and gloom around here lately, there have been a few positive developments in my life. I look back over the past month and I'm shocked that there was even time for these things, but somehow, they came together.

The most amazing thing that came together is the audition and casting process for LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Boston 2015. We had four audition dates, which is more than some of the other cities out there, because a lot of Boston people go away during the month of February. Amazingly, we didn't have to cancel a single audition due to snow, and Jessica, Phyllis and I still discussed our casting choices while I was in the hospital with Max (I was grateful for the distraction!). We've announced our cast and I'm really excited to get to know them all better over the coming months. If you're local, I hope you'll consider joining us at the show on May 9!

Following my 2015 word of the year, "choose," I made a major choice that will be playing out later this month: I'm getting LASIK surgery. After having so much trouble with a corneal ulcer last fall, which seems to be related to my long-term contact lens wearing, a doctor commented that I should "just get LASIK." I'd honestly never considered it, since I'd done so well with contacts for so long, and I'm not great about subjecting myself to possible pain. But the ulcers I had were very serious and could cause damage to my vision should they recur, so I scheduled an evaluation for LASIK months ago. I had a couple hours of eye exams to determine if I was a good candidate, and I am, so the surgery is scheduled for later this month. I'm nervous, but everyone I've talked to has great things to say about it, and so I'm trying to focus on what it'll be like to wake up in the middle of the night and read the clock. I haven't been able to do that since maybe 1988? It'll be pretty exciting.

I'm still trying to up my style game, but have to say that most of the shopping I've attempted lately had been really unsuccessful. No matter where I went or searched online, I was leaving empty-handed, and this includes a period of time where some retail therapy would have been really useful. So in a fit of desperation and after months of seeing their targeted Facebook ads, I joined the clothing rental site Gwynnie Bee. This great post over at BlogHer goes into more detail, but here are the basics: you start an online "closet" of clothing that you like from the site, and then for a monthly subscription fee based on the number of items you have sent to you, they send you those clothes to borrow. If it doesn't fit or you don't like it, you can ship it right back in the prepaid packaging they provide. If you like it, you can buy it. I've gotten two items so far, one of which I purchased right away, and the other that I've worn but am still deciding if I want to keep it or not. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but so far, I'm liking it a lot. New clothes without having to actually go shopping sounds like a dream to me!

And speaking of dreams, I'm going to Paris via London for work soon. It's a super quick trip so I won't have much time to take in the surroundings, but I am counting on temperatures above 50 degrees, no snow on the ground, quiet hotel rooms and long flights to listen to podcasts. I'm très excited.

Things seem to be getting back to normal around here, even if the current definition of normal includes snowbanks as tall as a seven year old. 

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