Thursday, October 30, 2014

Five Random Things

A bit of old school blogging today, thanks to a tag from Phyllis of The Napkin Hoarder. I've done a few other "random things about me" posts before, so it's a challenge to find a few more, but it gets me out of writing the harder post I had in mind. So here goes. 

1. I save and reuse number birthday candles. They make pretty effective blog photo props too. 

2. A friend with a teenager posted that all the teen wanted for her birthday was gift cards and permission to light candles in her room. I loved candles as a teen too, and still remember packing up my collection so carefully for Brandeis, only to be told it was a fire hazard and never burn them there. 

3. Being an institution founded by Jews, Brandeis did have rules allowing some candle lighting, for Shabbat and Hanukkah. We had to light them inside of little aluminum pans pre-filled with water. Since then, the sound of a community lighting candles together is one of my favorites. 
4. I'm wearing a new (p)leather jacket today, and think I look a bit like a homicide detective, like Debra Messing (Brandeis alum! And one of my favs) in her new show "The Mysteries of Laura." It's better than looking like a finance geek, but the glasses I still need probably betray that fact too. Anyway, I'd watch your back around me today. I'm feeling a little bad ass. 

5. Bad ass people probably don't recycle birthday candles as props for blog photos, and find five seemingly random but totally interconnected things to write about, do they? Well, I'm re-writing bad ass to include that in the definition. ;)

So there's my random 5. I'm tagging Diane, Janet, Chandreyee, Cameron and Kristin from LTYM Boston Season 1 to keep it going. And what should I know about you?


  1. I keep candles, too!! I have a drawer in my dining area with them - they are a sweet remembrance of birthdays past.