Sunday, August 24, 2014

Come As You Are (and Tell Us About Your Blog!)

During last week's summer (parenting) vacation, I ended up throwing a little party at my house. Last January I had an evening open and hadn't gotten together with any friends in a while, so I posted something on Facebook saying, "I'm free Sunday night, who can join me for dinner?" Ten people showed up, amazing connections were made and it felt like a wonderful edition of "Cheryl Stober, this is your life!" I couldn't wait to do it again.

This time, the response rate seemed higher than before, and since Marc and the kids were away, I had invited pretty much every local female I could think of for a VERY CASUAL open house party on that random Thursday night. I knew lots of people would be away or have other commitments, but in the end, thirteen people were able to come by for another fun evening of getting to know each other. The group was basically split between my Jewish friends and my blogging friends, and as the night went on, we did get to a "so tell me what your blog is about" part of the evening. I promised to make a list of them all, so here they are:

Phyllis Myung of The Napkin Hoarder
Susan Petcher of Learned Happiness
Jessica Woodbury of Don't Mind the Mess
Diane Thies of Dollops of Diane
Lauryn Blakesly of The Vintage Mom (new to the Boston area!)
Stephanie Weitzman of Stephanie's tid bits

I promised myself I'd take some pictures that night...and promptly forgot as soon as everyone arrived. But it was great catching up with everyone in person and without our screens involved. I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Sorry I missed out, but it sounds like you had a lovely evening!

  2. Had a wonderful time meeting everyone and talking. A great evening!