Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Wasn't an Ugly Crier! (LTYM Videos are here!)

I desperately wanted to see the videos, but I also didn't want to look. It was the last part of the LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER experience for 2014, seeing all of the videos after they'd been uploaded to YouTube. And for the last few months since our show, I was pretty sure that my video would be one big ugly cry.

I'd never cried reading my piece before. In all of our rehearsals, I'd been so focused on the rest of the cast, wanting to make sure they felt comfortable and supported and that the show ran like it should, that I didn't give much thought to my own piece. Unlike my favorite pieces that come together in one lightning strike of frantic writing, this piece evolved over time. I knew it was good enough, but I wasn't completely in love with it. So crying that day came as a bit of a shock. But reading it and seeing my mother crying in the front row made me start to cry, which then made Hannah start to cry, and OMG I'm sure I looked horrifying.

Except I don't. I get choked up, but there are no crocodile tears. I'm not unintelligible. It's actually okay.


I'm so thrilled to share the entire production with you all. You can watch it from start to finish by using this playlist. I promise they're all well worth your time.

One of the best parts of LTYM being a nationwide phenomenon is that blogger friends of mine from other cities also performed, and I get to see them too. Here are Gina (North Jersey), Lea (Chicago), Kelli (Portland) and Sarah (Austin). Their pieces are all like nothing in our show, again proving the range of motherhood experiences and how much these stories are worth sharing.

Thanks to LTYM video sponsor CollegeSavingsChillout.com by T. Rowe Price!

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