Friday, November 8, 2013

A Few Thoughts

Just some random ramblings to end the week.

  • I fell, hard, on Monday morning on my way to the train. It had been the first frost of the season and maybe there was a bit of black ice, or maybe I was walking a bit too fast in my fancy boots, but I had been feeling really good that morning and then had the wind knocked right out of me. I slammed down onto my left knee, and somehow avoided ripping my tights despite scraping the skin off underneath. By the time I got to work, there was a giant swollen area too. It's been four days and it's actually still a bit swollen and painful. Not enough to require medical attention, but OUCH. 
  • Tuesday morning I saw my new endocrinologist, after my decade-long relationship with my old one ended when she moved across the country. I was very worried about switching doctors after all this time, but this new doctor was recommended by my old one. I was immediately impressed when he had an A1C machine in his office that took the tiniest amount of blood and gave me (improved over my last visit!) results in six minutes. On top of it, he's warm and friendly and a good match for me. I will always miss Dr. McC, who got me through two healthy pregnancies, but I'm happy to know I'm still in good hands. Plus, he called me an anomaly (since I'm an overweight Type 1 diabetic), and it's kind of cool to be called that (though I wouldn't mind if I hadn't earned the label due to a chronic illness).
  • I got another label this week: baby-faced. So in case you were wondering, my insecurity over forever being "the young one" rages on. 
  • But then I got the label of co-producer for Listen To Your Mother Boston, so really, how insecure can I be?
  • I had to work late yesterday, and on the way home got off the train in Copley Square for a few moments. It was lightly raining, but I didn't bother opening my umbrella, as I wasn't going far. I used to come by this spot every day on my way home, but now I work in a different part of town, and don't get to experience it as often. It was a nice little reminder of how much I love it here.
  • And also a reminder of how much I miss having the flexibility to make little stops like that. Life is just too scheduled now.
  • Except for when it's not. Like today, when I was able to leave work 45 minutes early because I'd already gone above and beyond for the week. So I got home to the house that had gotten its every two weeks cleaning today, put fresh towels in the bathroom, started some laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and drying rack, put out the dinner dishes, and then sat down to write this before I go out and get the kids. To the people who ask me how I do this? This is exactly how--stealing 20 minutes to frantically type out the stuff that was already bobbing in my head.
 So that was the week. How was it by you?

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  1. Ooo! Sorry about your fall, Cheryl! Hope you are feeling better.
    And, CONGRATULATIONS on LTYM Boston - I can't wait!