Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Isn't it pretty?

So much changes when you become a parent, but the biggest adjustment I had to make was around shopping, or more specifically, the "today was awful and I need something to make me happy" kind of shopping. Crazy to think now, but online shopping wasn't the thing to do from 2000 - 2003, and working where I did in those days, I had amazing access to any and all types of shopping. My favorite thing to do was to walk over to Marshall's and peruse the aisles until I found something that would alleviate the stress of the day. And because I was still in the stage of life where I needed just about everything and had a comfortable level of disposable income, it was fun. If I spent $100 on a random Wednesday at 9 pm, I didn't think much of it.

But that all changed in 2004 when I had to leave work each day and pick up Hannah from daycare. And then I also had to pay that daycare bill. Suddenly, shopping became a lot less fun. It became something that needed to be analyzed and planned, this purchase then, maybe that next month, next year. I've gotten fairly good at telling myself no, until I finally feel real anger and upset over the situation. Then I'll find a way to steal away for a few hours, and pick up whatever it is I've been wanting, but still with a great deal of reason driving the process.

So when Marc framed 2012 as the year he gave himself permission to buy and do the things he felt he needed to do to succeed, I realized I need to do more of that too. And thus I introduce you to the lovely new addition to my life - a laptop to call my own. It's probably been a decade since I've had my own computer, and I've always hated having to sit at another desk at home after sitting at my desk at work all day. I still waited months and plotted about this major purchase - but I didn't tell myself I couldn't have it, didn't need it.

I'll probably never be at the point again where I'll shop frivolously. I've come to hate window shopping and just looking for the sake of looking. But I think I do need a little more balance about it, and to stop thinking of shopping as an all-or-nothing event. And tomorrow night is Wednesday, so...

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