Monday, August 6, 2012


In contrast to yesterday's serious, what-is-the-meaning-of-my-life type post, something fun today. It's a topic I'm sure many of my readers can contribute something about, and should be good for a Monday laugh.

I'm talking about the words that your children just can't pronounce. Beyond the "pa-scettis" of the world that have almost become adopted by children and adults alike.

In our house, one of Max's current obsessions is the concept of infinity. He finds it so captivating that he even behaved in a museum exhibit on the topic. The only issue is that he pronounces it as "affinity," which has an entirely separate definition. Of course I amuse myself by saying, "Max has an affinity for infinity." And now all of you get to benefit from that little nugget.

Max also regularly says "swamwich" for sandwich, and "syna-God" for synagogue. Last night, he yelled out "immedium!" for immediately. An old favorite is "ketter" for air conditioner, and Hannah's "unfleeced" to describe something that was inside out lives on in the Stober family lexicon.

So make me laugh - what do your kids mispronounce?


  1. Josh has some pretty funny two current favorites:

    "Alien Conduction" rather than "Alien Abudction"

    "Carpsicle" instead of "Barnacle"

  2. My oldest son is now 26, but we still use some of mixed up words in our family vocabulary. When he was a toddler he referred to pic-nics as "nik-niks". I can't believe I STILL ask my husband if he wants to go on a nik-nik all these years later.

    I also remember being at the grocery store and him shouting (way too loudly) "I want a F**K, I want a F**K". My response, (shouting even louder) - You mean you want your TRUCK? Here's your TRUCK! And then I slunk out of the cereal aisle as quickly as I could.