Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Third Grade and TK

We've quickly come up on the end of the school year and all of the extra chaos that comes with that. I've heard some say that June is the new December, but since my kids aren't involved in too many extra curricular activities, I think we've kept a pretty good handle on things. There have still been class parties and portfolio viewings, the Bowen school carnival and the JCC preschool picnic, but Marc and I have had a very "divide and conquer" approach to these last few weeks.

Unlike past years, Hannah seems happy for the year to be over and to be moving on to her much-anticipated summer plans. She still doesn't like being called a third grader though. I am going to miss seeing the four fifth graders who have been at our bus stop for the past three years - I can't believe they'll be off to middle school in the fall. But we are due to get at least four kindergartners to replace them, and it will be fun to see the cycle continue. Hannah and I have spent a lot of time buying, labeling and packing all of her supplies for her two week stint at Camp Yavneh, which she will start on June 27. She is very excited to go, but also looking forward to returning to the JCC Kaleidoscope camp later this summer. If you'd like to send her a letter during her time at overnight camp, let me know and I will send out her address.

Max is excited about finishing up his year in Room K and to be going into the JCC's Transitional Kindergarten (TK) class. He had actually been nervous about it, until we realized he thought the kids in the class now we're still going to be there, and that he had to leave his friends behind to join them. Once that was sorted out, he's now looking forward to being among the biggest kids at school. One more year of full-time daycare payments - the light at the end of the tunnel grows ever brighter. Max is looking forward to swimming in the outdoor pool and playing in the sprinklers with his friends this summer. I'm a bit nervous about how he's going to do without Hannah around for two weeks, since they are usually very close, but I think he will relish more attention from me and Marc, and enjoy writing her "letters" too.

On Monday we'll be driving up to New Hampshire for a couple of days of vacation before we drop off Hannah, visiting one of my favorite places, Story Land. I'm really looking forward to a few days away from the routine - and praying hard that it doesn't rain!

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  1. It's so strange to go back to the whole "end of school year/ start of summer transition" thing as a parent, isn't it? I went for more than 10 years without noticing the passing of seasons at all, and then suddenly summer signals an onslaught of camp and swimming lessons and travel and schedule changes. It's fun though (more for them than for us, but still fun). :) Have a great time in Story Land! We love it there.