Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Moment When

A turn of phrase I've been seeing more often lately is "that moment when." Usually, it's followed by something awkward, like realizing you left your wallet at home after you've unloaded a full cart of groceries in front of the cashier, but sometimes, it's a moment of awe. I experienced one of those last night.

That moment when you're living a dream come true that you never fully realized you had.

While I was cleaning up from dinner, sweeping the floor like every other night, Marc sat down at the piano with Hannah. She's working on "Puff the Magic Dragon" for her upcoming "recital" (in quotation marks because it's a very low-key affair) and the piece has a duet component. They sat together trying to get their timing in sync while Max attempted to sing along. Of course Max's singing proved too distracting and everyone got a little frustrated. But from my vantage point in the kitchen, it all sounded lovely. My husband and my two children were making music together.

There are those moments when I'm doubting myself: for being too young, for not having made all the right decisions, for moving too fast, for stumbling, for being closed off. But sometimes, I catch the glorious moments too, and last night was a good one.

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