Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday Season 2011

My last few days of vacation and 2010 embodied everything I like about a staycation.

Fillis and John came to spend a day with the kids, taking the kids and me shopping and out for lunch before driving them to Hartford to give Marc and me a night off. Marc and I enjoyed a meal at The Local (very yummy creme brulee) and then saw Black Swan. The following morning I finished getting the kids rooms in order, finally transitioning Max to a twin size bed and moving some other furniture. The afternoon was spent all together at the new CT Science Center (a challenging museum to visit during peak times). Hannah stayed up until 11:27 on New Year's eve, sipping ginger ale from a champagne flute and feeling very grown up. It was a nice end to the year.

But, the festivities continued the next day with Max's third birthday. Finally, we seemed to convince him that he was in fact turning three, and not five as he'd previously told anyone who would ask. We had a nice little party to celebrate both kids, since Hannah's birthday was in just a few more days, with Fillis and John, Aunt Melinda, Rachel, Jon, Nate and Evie. Sadly, we said goodbye to Rachel and Jon and the kids, as they are soon leaving for a new adventure in Little Rock. We will miss having them so close by, but look forward to hearing about all their experiences in their new home! Max had a great day, and can't wait for his party with his classmates and favorite music teacher this weekend.

Hannah's birthday was a few days later, and she was happy to be back at school for it. She rocked a new outfit and had a turn saying the Pledge of Allegiance on the morning announcements with some classmates. She chose a birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and both kids had fun opening a few more gifts that day. Hannah's party was this weekend, and she had a fabulous time.

We're trying to get back to a normal routine now, but as everyone knows, normal doesn't happen very often. Max has a cold and missed school today and yesterday, and it's looking like a snow day will happen tomorrow. But I've enjoyed celebrating with the kids this year, and look forward to lots more celebrations!

On Max's birthday

On Hannah's birthday

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