Friday, May 29, 2009

April and May Notes

The past two months since our trip have gone by rather quickly. Here are some of the details:

- Max and I both picked up a stomach bug and got sick the week we came home from WDW.
- We had a great playdate with Hannah and Max's friends, Anais and Max, featuring a trip to the village playground.
- Passover seder at Grandma Fillis and Grandpa John's house was wonderful, and Hannah was a great helper getting things set up and making salt water. I joined her for singing the four questions, since Hannah and I were actually the youngest people available!
- Unfortunately, over the first few days of Passover I began having escalating issues with my back, including a trip to the ER. I've since been diagnosed with sciatica and am now having lots of fun going to PT and dealing with that.
- Max and I have been taking a baby swim class at the JCC, in anticipation of him starting daycare there in June. I'm not sure he's enjoying the class much, but he's learned to say "JCC."
- I took Hannah to see the "Hannah Montana" movie, and recently downloaded some of the soundtrack for her. During the movie, there's a touching scene between father and daughter featuring a song called "Butterfly Fly Away." My Hannah grabbed my arm and snuggled close during it, and now it's one of "our" songs.
- Julie joined us to attend a sheep shearing festival at Gore Place in Waltham, MA. It was a gorgeous day, and neat to see that done up close.
- That same day we decided to purchase a backyard playset from Creative Playthings. The kids have already enjoyed it a lot, and I know it's going to get a lot of use this summer and many to come.
- I won free tickets to a Boston Pops show featuring the music of Billy Joel, sung by Michael Cavanaugh. It was a great show, but I had to go alone since it was a last-minute thing. I hope to get to go again sometime with Marc.
- I got two nights in a row out of the house, going to a party at Carol's and a dinner at Allie's. It was great to spend time with these friends, and especially to hear Allie's exciting baby news!

But the most wonderful event occurred on May 4th, with the birth of Nathaniel and Evelyn, making me an aunt for the first time! Marc got to go to New Haven and meet them while they were still in the hospital and congratulate Rachel and Jon in person. We all went to the bris and naming a week later. Hannah held both babies and Max was surprisingly sweet and gentle with them. It was such a treat to get to hold and help take care of these tiny new people, and I was so lucky to go back again and get to spend a day with them. Rachel and Jon are doing a fantastic job, and I can't wait until they're big enough to play with their cousins!

Looking ahead to June, we've got some big transitions coming up. Max will be leaving family daycare and entering Hannah's JCC center just as she leaves it. Next week is her preschool graduation (sob, sob). But we're looking forward to visits from my brother Ryan and his girlfriend Allison, as well as Grandma Susan's annual summer visit. It should be another busy month!

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  1. I am glad that you are enjoying being an Aunt. As I told Rachel when your kids were born, it's different than a parent, it is a unique relationship in its own right. I love being an aunt, you get to be a cheerleader for the kids (and kids need all the support they can get), but you generally don't have to be a disciplinarian. You get to do special things with the kids, and watch them grow up, and keep track over the years, and share special events with them. Nate and Evie are lucky to have you for their aunt, as I am sure they will come to realize in the next few years. Fillis