Monday, February 18, 2008

Miss Independent

This weekend we visited Hartford to stay with my in-laws and introduce more of the extended family to BabyBee. It was a nice visit, and included some quality time for Mr. Bee and I to go out alone, as well as afforded me the opportunity for a girl's night out with some of my friends. BabyBee seemed to enjoy the new environment and didn't mind being passed between all the relatives.

The activities of our BusyBee were more interesting to me though. I feel like I barely was needed this weekend, and indeed, she decided to spend an extra night and day with her grandparents while the rest of us went back to Boston. She spent a lot of time playing independently. I didn't have to take her to the bathroom at all, or convince her to eat any of the food she was offered. It felt like she didn't need me much. As I was leaving to go out last night, we did have a round of our new game, "No, I love YOU more," but my little girl is definitely growing up.

It's a good thing I still have this little baby curled up on my chest as I type this - he'll still need me for quite a while. But maybe someday the BusyBee will have her own blog - LilMisIndependent.

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