Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Interesting Times

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my first blog post, titled "It's About Time." Today's post title didn't elude me at all, which they often do, but trying to keep a more positive spin, I, along with many others, are referring to these days as "interesting times." And yet, it's really not a positive statement at all. But here we are.

I *am* trying to remain positive. As I said on Facebook, my life is normally so super scheduled that I'm enjoying the flexibility to take naps and sleep a bit later, to not rush around as I do most evenings to this meeting or that one, to have a break from scheduling carpools. But when I think about all that we've lost and may still lose, it's heartbreaking. Of course I'd rather follow all of the protocols (and as one of the more vulnerable in the population, I really have to), but long-awaited and worked for plans just going poof like this is something no one is really accustomed to coping with. I feel traumatized by not getting to see The Lion King 10 years ago when I had trouble with my back, which is such a ridiculous statement when I type it out, but it's still how I feel. And I'm afraid I'm not very good at helping others I love through their complex feelings on all this either.

There's no easy way to end a post like this. You don't (shouldn't?) need me to tell you what to do to be decent human beings, so I won't make you read what you've already read elsewhere. Good luck, and be well.