Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card Confession

Some of my favorite photos from our shoot with Kerry Goodwin this fall
I love being Jewish for so many reasons, but at this time of year, there's one detail that I really treasure about my religion of choice: there's really no reason to decorate. Yes, Hanukkah is eight days long, and having a nice menorah and some dreidels is fun. But there is no giant tree, no garland, no ornaments, no lights. I've often thought about how I'd handle all that, and I'd probably do what many do: I'd go overboard. Every year, I'd be looking for new ways to make my home even more festive. Most likely, I'd end up stressing myself out needlessly. That's how a lot of things go for me, anyway. So I'm better off without the decorating.

But Christmas cards? I love doing my Christmas cards.

Okay, fine, they're new year's cards. One year, since Max was born on New Year's Day, they were combined with birth announcements. But whatever they might say on the front, we all know they're Christmas cards. And they are my favorite thing every December.

This is a chore that's completely up my alley. I love taking pictures of the kids, though this year we hired a photographer so we could all be in the photos. I love choosing the design and the fonts and the wording (and with a husband who now works at Vistaprint, I love the deal we get by ordering early). I love being the keeper of all the addresses: knowing who moved this year, who got married, who had a baby and moves from being a couple to a family. The addresses span the country, from Washington to Florida. There are new additions every year, and I think fondly of those I don't see often enough when I address the envelopes by hand. Every year, I debate buying address labels, and then end up handwriting them all. It just makes me happy.

And the cards we receive in return spend the season decorating the mantle of our fireplace. I actually look forward to receiving the mail at this time of year.

Here are a couple more photos we couldn't squeeze on the cards this year. I hope your mailbox (both physical and virtual) is filled with good holiday wishes too.


  1. Love all the photos!!!!!

  2. I love Christmas cards, too, and peanut blossoms--thanks to all my Stober aunts and Granny who made my childhood Christmases so delicious.